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About Divershefy


Why Divershefy

Company Boards and top levels are often sparse when it comes to representation by diverse members, especially women.

What is Divershefy

Divershefy is a bridge between the unmet needs of professionals and executives who want to contribute on their own terms and companies that embrace diversity and varied perspectives at their Board/CxO levels.

Who is Divershefy

The inspiration for Divershefy comes from the CEO of Angaros Group, Madhu Avalur and its co-founders Sylvia Smetana and Pavithra Jayaraman Rajeev.

What We Do


Bring Women to the Top

Qualified women who chose to exit their full time corporate career are trained, mentored and matched with Board and fractional CxO positions.


Enhance Investor Impact

Investors have a stake and a voice when it comes to women on boards and in C-Suites. Divershefy provides the tools to put this into concrete action.


Train Companies on D&I

Training on D&I, best practices events, strategic planning for D&I, fractional CDIO services, matching board-ready women, Onboarding workshops.


Network Events

Divershefy provides a platform for the stakeholders to come together at our Network events: Meet the Talent, Investor Meet, Responsible Inclusive Leadership


How it works

Watch this video to find out how the Divershefy Ecosystem works

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