On your journey to the Boardroom, a Board Resume is your essential tool to start off right!

Why it matters to have a strong Board Resume


In our experience, having a strong Board Resume that is also updated and ready to share is essential in ensuring that you have a strong chance of being the front-runner in the early selection process for a board role.


How Anand Garg can help you


Mr. Garg, Divershefy's Board Resume coaching partner, brings 35 years of extensive board experience across diverse industries and types of board roles. He knows what matters for selection to a Board Role, and he has effectively helped many find the perfect pitch through their Board Resume.

Must-do prep before your  session

For a productive session, first, take the time to review your CV. Then, watch our video, Board-Proof Your Resume, by Anand Garg, which will be sent to you after you sign up for coaching. Finally, do attempt a Board Resume based on his guidance and tips that you can then share with him. 

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