Divershefy's Mission is to increase diversity in Boardrooms and C-Suites by recommending highly qualified and board-ready women in order to create effective and diverse Corporate Boards, Advisory Boards, and Leadership Teams.


Divershefy's Vision is to create more innovative, sustainable, collaborative and profitable businesses by enabling companies to reach gender balanced and inclusive Boardrooms and C-Suites. 

About Divershefy

Divershefy brings women into Boardrooms and C-Suites globally. The number of women in Top Leadership is still low, around 20 % globally and it is hardly improving year on year. Studies have shown that having more women in Top Leadership such a Boardrooms and C-Suites improves the bottom line. We at Divershefy have decided to do our part to move the needle and support women to reach top leadership roles. 


How we do it

We work with Companies to address unconscious bias from the top and build a support system for women leaders. Our global virtual events advocate for diversity in the C-Suite and Boardroom. We train and connect qualified women leaders with companies wishing to diversify their leadership.
We also provide consulting and advisory services to company leaders who want to incorporate a gender-balanced business culture and work with Boards to create an inclusive Board Culture.
Those who want to actively participate in creating a more diverse business culture are joining Divershefy Club, a high level international network of women who serve on Boards and in C-Suites, Investors, Corporate Leaders and Board Members willing to open doors to Top-level positions.


Sylvia Smetana

Co-Founder Divershefy

Founder Divershefy Club

Board member and C-level leader with 25+ years of professional experience in Finance & Change Leadership Consulting in US, Europe and Asia
Trained/mentored women leaders for more than 10 years, Global Network includes Board and C-level Executives from 5 continents
MBA Business University of Vienna

Dr. Sridhar Pingali

Co-Founder/CTO Divershefy


Strategy and Technology advisor for Business-technology alignment, Change leadership, Digital transformation
30+ years of experience working in Americas, Europe and Asia, IIT Madras B-Tech EEE

Ph.D Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, US

Advisory Board

Maryann Bruce

An experienced
Independent Director

Former Fortune 100 Division
President and CEO



Vanitha Datla

Vice Chairperson & Managing 
Director of Elico Ltd



Revathi Kasturi

Entrepreneur, Independent Director
Board Director Manipal Jaipur 


Founding Member 
of Divershefy Club


The Global D3 Committee


Board Chair , Non-executive Director
Gallup Strengths Coach (PCC-ICF) 
Chair Global D3 Committee



Shailendra Goswami

Chairman & Managing Director Pushkaraj Group

Ramgopal Rao


HNH Executive Search
President / Director, India & UK Regions

Anand Garg 




Business Development Team

Neha Khosla

Head of Business Development Divershefy

Business Development Operations & People Management





Pratap Pingali

Strategic Advisor Divershefy

Startup Advisor and Mentor at T-Hub

Serial Entrepreneur


Lalitha Shivaprasad 

Strategic Advisor Divershefy
Consumer marketer with Deep Insights experience. Consumer startup advisor. Certified independent director @IICA. 


Mookerjee Sinha

Advisor Comm. & PR
Advocacy, Liaising at
Senior Comm. Specialist

Abraham A

Consulting Partner  Divershefy
Managing Partner Executive Leadership Professional Heights



Jaspreet Jassi

Managing Partner  Leadership / Veteran Hiring / Diversity at Professional Heights 

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