Why Customized Corporate Offerings from Divershefy

  • On-Demand Targeted Training Modules
  • Top-Level Speakers from all around the world
  • Board and C-Level Mentors
  • Enhanced Learning through self-study courses
  • Small group-size Masterclasses
  • Choice of Virtual, Hybrid, All-In-Person classes

How Divershefy Training Programs can be tailored 

specially for your Organizations needs

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Examples of our Modules on 

Leadership Skills

Board Politics

C-Suite EQ

(Emotional Intelligence)

Global Leadership Styles

Multicultural Differences


for Top Leaders

How to deal with Imposter Syndrome



Reputation Management

Examples of our Modules on 

Career Building

The Global Leaders Path



Stepping Into

The Spotlight

Making Choices,

Not Sacrifices

Intentional Networking & Influencing

Reputation Management

Leaders Of Future 

Answer Intteligence

Examples of our Modules on 

Board Skills

  • Roles & Responsibilities of Board members
  • Audits & Financial Statements

  • Due Diligence for Boards

  • How to manage Board politics

  • Impact of good Corporate Governance

  • Good Corporate Governance for SDG in Action

  • Good Corporate Governance & Gender Diversity

Examples of our Modules on  

Thought Leadership 

The Impact of Globalization

A Shaken World Economy an Opportunity for Women?

Gender balanced Leadership -

The Role of HR

Women on Corporate Boards - It's not just about the numbers!

Sustainability and Consumer Behaviour


Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation

Diversity beyond Gender

The Triple

Bottom Line

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