Divershefy Distinguished

Director Program

Divershefy identifies and recommends talented, highly qualified Independent Directors to Board of Directors anywhere in the Global business community. D3's ( Divershefy Distinguished Directors) are role models for women who desire to pursue board level positions. The D3 program creates the right "open door policies" at the corporate board level to allow more women to achieve this level of leadership participation. D3 program strives to be recognized as the best practice to create gender balanced ESG compliant boards.

Who is this program for?

 The D3 Program is for Women Leaders who:
  • Are Members of Divershefy Club
  • Are ready to serve on Corporate Boards
  • Have Board experience or a Board training certification
  • Are willing to chair Committees or Boards
  • Are clear on the value and skills they bring to the Board
  • Have a well developed public profile or interested in developing it with Divershefy
  • Interested in continuous learning and improving their Board skills
  • Support other women leaders to join them on the Board or in C-Suite and pull other women up
  • Are willing to pay it forward through mentoring as well as giving back a percentage remuneration to Divershefy after they get placed

How We Do It


  • Experience level: C-Suite or equivalent with P&L responsibilities
  • Skillset: Candidate writes a value proposition describing what value and skills she brings to the Board
  • Documents: Board Resume (one-page) and long Bio (2-3 pages)
  • Public Profile: Established or willing to build it with Divershefy
  • Commitment to continuous learning and agreeing to give back by supporting other women through mentoring
  • Paying it forward: % of the annual Board remuneration for training and support of other women: 10% first year, 5% second year, 2% third year


  • Meet with Global D3 Committee - The committee is specifically created to look for open positions for D3 Candidates. The Committee meets each Candidate via zoom to get to know them, their strengths and preferences and provides constructive feedback.
  • Featured Introduction of D3 Candidates - Candidates will be featured on Divershefy Website periodically.
  • Create Individual Landing page for each D3 Candidate on Divershefy platform - This allows D3 Candidates to provide all relevant information about themselves to anyone with a simple URL link. D3 Candidate landing pages include videos, audios, pictures, articles, blogs.
  • Expand your Network with high level Board Members, Corporate Leaders and Investors from around the Globe
  • Get Recommendation to Companies for Board of Director positions - When open positions are available fit for a candidate’s profile, Divershefy will reach out to the candidate and if the candidate is interested, they will submit their profiles for an open position. An Interview will be scheduled if the company is interested in the candidate.

How are we different from the large Executive Search Firms?

  • We select D3’s with personalities and skillsets that match large company needs.
  • We use Board Training to enhance D3’s ability to provide Board and Company Leadership.
  • We help D3’s select 3+ year “paying opportunities” on as many as two Board’s at a time.
  • The D3 contract is multi-year and includes on-going training and mentoring.
  • We actively support D3's to build or enhance their public profile through features, landing page, speaking opportunities on a global stage and more. 
  • D3’s agree to pay it forward through mentoring and a percentage of the Board Cash Compensation to maintain the D3 Program as “a Best Practices Model” for Boards

D3 – Fast track to Board Seat

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To apply for the D3 Program please join as a Member of Divershefy Club here.

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