Webinar Dates and Content
Every 3rd Saturday of the month at 7pm PST (8pm PDT)
Every 3rd Sunday of the month at 8:30am
Each Part @ $25 | Register for all @ $125
Revathi Kasturi
Founder, Board Director,
Ex-CEO Financial Services Wipro
Nihita Nagajayanthi
Company Secretary, Board Director
Startup Mentor
Sylvia Smetana
Co-Founder, Divershefy
Partner at Angaros
Usha Srikanth
Co-Founder, Divershefy California
Board Member
Issues with the dates?
You can listen to recordings of up to 3 of the 6 webinars afterwards if you sign up for all 6 webinars and still get the certificate of participation.
Who Should Attend
Women with 15+ years of professional experience who are interested in joining start up boards.
Founders who are thinking about or have an Advisory Board or Board of Directors.
Investors who want to contribute to the webinar with their experience or are looking for Advisory Board members or Board directors for their start ups.
Why Attend
Understanding what it takes to be on a start up Board and learning the most important issues a start up Board is involved in
Questions Answered
Ask experts the questions you always had about Start ups and Boards
of participation for attending all 6 webinars
Board Placements
Eligable to join the pool of women considered for Start up Board placements at Divershefy
Expand Network
Connect with other participants online during and after webinars
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Sylvia Smetana
+91 91824 48240
Anjali Srikanth
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