Event Details
The Pune Ecosystem Meet
Panel Discussion
Focus Group Discussions
Networking & Tea
Format Of The Meet
  • Women seeking to be on a Board or in C-Suite get exposure to Founders/CEO and Investors who want to help women to the top.
  • Founders meet women who can support them as advisors and meet investors in a relaxed setting.
  • Investors can find interesting investment opportunities and women board candidates to promote on the boards of the companies they have invested in.
  • The panel discussion sets the context.
  • Focus group discussions enable all stakeholders to go deeper into their ideas how to bring more Gender Diversity into organisations.
  • Unlocking potential of women.
  • Creating a synergistic Ecosystems of Women, corporates & Investors.
  • Catalysing Investor community to champion Diversity.
  • Changing Business culture from the top to become more inclusive and diverse.
  • Grow inclusive business culture right from the beginning by working with start-ups.
  • One of the objectives that we seek to work towards is increasing diversity in the start-up ecosystem.
The Pune Ecosystem Meet
4 organizations coming together to achieve one vision of Diversity
Divershefy brings women into Board rooms and C-Suites. Divershefy’s vision is to create inclusive Business Cultures globally by unlocking the potential of women and harnessing their inherent strength to improve Business performance. Divershefy is the pioneering organisation in conceptualising the meet and has successfully conducted one such meet in Hyderabad, India.
Thrive with Mentoring catalyses mentoring relationships where women help each other succeed.
A boutique consulting firm that helps women led businesses achieve scale and sustainability.
Glow creates a platform for vibrant women to network, collaborate and develop their personal and professional skills by engaging with international and local communities across industries.
Let’s Collaborate!
To Catalyse Diversity and Innovation
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