Event Details
7th March 2020
2:00 - 6:00 PM
50-70 By Invite only
Event Agenda is as follows
Panel Discussion
Focus Group Discussions
Networking & Tea
Format Of The Meet
  • Women seeking to be on a Board or in C-Suite get exposure to Founders/CEO and Investors who want to help women to the top.
  • Founders meet women who can support them as advisors and meet Investors in a relaxed setting.
  • Investors can find interesting investment opportunities and women board candidates to promote on the boards of the companies they have invested in.
  • The Panel discussion sets the context.
  • Focus group discussions enable all stakeholders to go deeper into their ideas how to bring more.
  • Unlocking potential of women.
  • Creating a synergistic Ecosystem of Women, Corporates & Investors.
  • Providing a platform for women to network with stakeholders that help them move vertically.
  • Catalysing Investor community to champion Diversity.
  • Changing Business Culture from the top to ecome more inclusive and diverse.
  • Grow inclusive Business Culture right from the beginning by working with start ups.
Ecosystem Meet in Delhi
Sylvia Smetana
Co-Founder Divershefy
Usha Srikanth
Co-Founder Divershefy California Board Member
Vyhali Tummala
Innovation PWC
Srinivas Kollipara
Co-Founder Hunch Ventures Startup Ecosystem Builder
Gitanjali Puri
Marketing and Business Consultant
Shoba Krishnan
Practice Head White Space Consulting
Antje Bauer
Founder StrengthMiner
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To Catalyse Diversity and Innovation
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Sylvia Smetana
June 15th 2019
November 16th 2019
"Very informative & insightful panel discussion today. Thank you for sharing and instilling confidence about believing in one’s abilities & most importantly demonstration patience whilst on the journey!"
Priya Damle
"It was an honor to be a part of this event. A fabulous initiative and opportunity for so many women to take this next big step. Congrats on making it such a success."
Jill Sheldekar
"Was wonderful to be part of the exciting and inspiring conversations! A big shout out to the women who made it happen! More power to you as you move and shake the ecosystem for a gender equal tomorrow."
Poornima Parameswaran Batish